Data is the New Black

Thats the quote of the day from yesterday, or at least one that stuck out…..

Learn something new with every interaction of your audience. Interactions are all related no matter where your audience is coming from. Pay attention, expand your field of vision, optimize with a 360 degree mindset and you will become more relevant to your audience.

Those who are able to pay attention and optimize based on the data will come out on top. Evolve based on the data and you will succeed. Darwin always wins!


About Kent Speakman

Kent Speakman is a producer & entrepreneur who is experienced on both sides of the camera, for the big screen, small screen and the second screen. has called him one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry and has won the iMedia Entertainment Marketing Award for best digital campaign. He writes for trade publications, speaks at conferences and film festivals as well sharing knowledge through media interviews.
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One Response to Data is the New Black

  1. kenan says:

    Agree to the idea of utilizing to audience feedback and evolving with it. The key would be to be concious of this during each interaction.

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