I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.

I was at a cool restaurant opening last night and was having a discussion about the kitchen. Most people don’t know I actually used to run a very busy kitchen in an open concept Italian restaurant chain when I was in my early 20’s. The chef that calls out all the food orders and makes sure everything is going smoothly throughout the rush, that was me. If you watch any of those cooking shows you know what I am talking about… minus the swearing…. mostly. Started washing dishes and worked my way up through all the stations in the kitchen, and was the youngest person in that position in the company. Had my paperwork ready to go and start on my Red Seal, then decided to take a different path and ended up being a partner in a hospitality group with a couple of nightclubs, lounges and eateries.

I did that gig for a while, it was fun, then I was ready to move on. Chasing girls and being up til the wee hours of the morning is fun, but at some point its time to grow up and leave the rock star lifestyle behind. Sometimes feel like Greenday who have moved past (mostly) wild party day and are more likely to be drinking tea after the show than well… you know. 

Next stage was working at a couple of interactive agencies, as a VP of Strategy and a Director at another public company. Stars in their time… Well, we will leave it at that. Learned a lot and worked with a tone of great people. Spending time with CEO’s of great companies and learning what they did to make the organizations tick, and then how to communicate that was a blast. Met a lot of new friends, mentors and learned some good business lessons along the way.

My passion has always been the film industry, and along the road I have always been working on a project; tv pilot, self-help DVD series or indie film. I left the agency world to do this full-time and am a part of some amazing projects (See earlier posts)… With all the projects we have been working on came a need for packaging them, creating a marketing strategy and then putting the digital plans together. So, the agency experience came in handy, and I got a little more hands on.

So, that takes us to today. In the last year I have been working on packaging and producing feature films with my company Speakman Entertainment. I also took on advisory board positions with Meaning in Motion Gaming Studios, Raptify Marketing, and the iKaptial Agency and iKapital Film Factory(USA, UK, India). There was a need to fill with all this going on…. which was the work of an agency and it continued to grow… and with the relationships in place other people and other businesses, startups and public companies looked to this group for assistance with their needs. I love to help people and so we would fulfill. With all that said I am happy to announce that Robert Danard and I became partners and launched ENGAGEIA – an interactive agency with global partners to fulfil everything from strategy, web, application and mobile development to social media. Check it out www.engageia.com – the site is pretty simple because we have been so busy working on everything else. That’s how it goes, the plumber with the leaky faucet…

I also updated my blog last month and changed the header… that was from a video for Static in The Stars. They are Rock Stars and you should watch for them. Here is my plug of the post – www.twitter.com/staticstars and www.myspace.com/staticinthestars or www.facebook.com/staticinthestars

I thought the photo it was fitting as sometimes life can feel like a battlefield, but we get through it and the sun is shining. Leave a comment if you agree!

That’s my update. Now I just need to find a restaurant…. See you all in NYC.


About Kent Speakman

Kent Speakman is a producer & entrepreneur who is experienced on both sides of the camera, for the big screen, small screen and the second screen. Examiner.com has called him one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry and has won the iMedia Entertainment Marketing Award for best digital campaign. He writes for trade publications, speaks at conferences and film festivals as well sharing knowledge through media interviews.
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