I got U-Googleagy’d

Happy New Year readers! Hope that you are having a wonderful start to the 2011!

Thought I would kick this year off with a word that I made up, using a little inspiration from Ben Stiller – and a cross check with Google to see if it matched any documents – which it did not. With the help of Google, I confirmed the creation of something new. Perhaps…

Over the past few weeks I have been playing around with all the cool features that Google has put out. Google Voice, Google Chat, Google Goggles, Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Books, Google Chrome and Google Docs. Where does it end? It is looking more and more like Google will be the big corporation of the future – look up the intelligent cars that they are testing in San Fransisco that drive themselves and passengers around the city. Check out Google Labs if you haven’t yet.

Theres some really cool stuff out there – and when you start to look at the iPhone & other mobile Apps that tie in with these cool features there is really a lot of neat stuff you can do… I downloaded the TalkaTone app for the iPhone and can make (really clear) phone calls anywhere in North America – totally free over WiFi. *you can do the same and get rid of all your sms charges as well as speak between the iPhone and Blackberry using another app called Whatsapp

The reason I started checking all this stuff out is because our team at Engageia, along with some partners are in stealth mode on a few really cool new geolocation applications, so I got into research mode to make sure I was up to speed with the core stuff happening at Google – and that rolled into all the partner profiles that you could connect to your Gmail account, which lead me into Yahoo, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, foursquare, Flickr, Orkut, and the list goes on and on… What I found the most interesting is everything is getting closer and closer together – even with companies competing for user base. (My Gmail and Yahoo contacts are now merged, and I was able to sync my Iphone directly to Yahoo, after syncing my Facebook profile to my Yahoo Account) I even can tell what everyone is watching on TV or at the Movies using MISO! Long story short, the lines between everything are getting blurred.

We are getting closer and closer to the “one” mailbox – and perhaps it will be Microsoft that is able to do it for us. Outlook already lets us import our emails, contacts, calendars etc… Wouldn’t it be cool if you could update or add a contact in any social platform, and have an automatic sync across all your profiles and address books, sorted by relationship, interests and so on?

Anyhow – go out and get U-Googleagy’d!



About Kent Speakman

Kent Speakman is a producer & entrepreneur who is experienced on both sides of the camera, for the big screen, small screen and the second screen. Examiner.com has called him one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry and has won the iMedia Entertainment Marketing Award for best digital campaign. He writes for trade publications, speaks at conferences and film festivals as well sharing knowledge through media interviews.
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One Response to I got U-Googleagy’d

  1. Hey Kent… Just had to comment about the Google Voice, as I didn’t know if you had tried it. It’s amazing. It’s free. It can ring at any number (including all) and you can set it to only ring certain (like home) numbers during the day. A voicemail is followed up by a text and email of the transcript, AND, if that’s not enough, you can download the GVCONNECT App to your Ipad and send and receive text messages from your IPad if you don’t have a cell signal. All very cool. Check it out, and thanks for the info as always : )

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