Engageia on the Red Carpet for Teenage Paparazzo Experience

Photo by Zev Vitaly Abosh

Engageia was proud to be a sponsor of the Teenage Paparazzo Experience in Calgary this past weekend. Special guests Adrian Grenier, Juliette Lewis, Evan Ferrante, Lindsay Blackett, and Luke Azevedo mixed it up at West Calgary with a variety of fantastic performances by artist such as Destineak, Dr. Drew, Mandie C, Chris La Pietra, DJ Michelle C. and one of my new favorite performers (one that I feel will rival Kanye West ) Najjah Calibur!

YouVille residence was benefiting from proceeds.

I also had the chance to speak with Camilla Di Giuseppe on the red carpet about some of the future film projects, technology projects and things we have cooking… All in it was a fantastic weekend and had the chance to make some great new friends & business partnerships – more to come on that soon!
Thanks to everyone who made it out to support the event!
Adrian Grenier & Evan Ferrante are not only great film makers – we had the chance to discuss a variety of topics over the weekend and I hold them both in the highest regard as gentlemen & intellectuals. Keep an eye out for future developments with these guys, going to be some exciting stuff to watch for!

About Kent Speakman

Kent Speakman is a producer & entrepreneur who is experienced on both sides of the camera, for the big screen, small screen and the second screen. Examiner.com has called him one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry and has won the iMedia Entertainment Marketing Award for best digital campaign. He writes for trade publications, speaks at conferences and film festivals as well sharing knowledge through media interviews.
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