Kent joins iKapital Film Factory Board

I am honored to join the team at iKapital Film Factory. Really like working with these guys – heres a little information on the organization.

iKapital is a leading cross border film distribution and production company headquartered out of London. The company was founded in New Jersey, USA in 2001 as a media venture funding company and later fine-tuned its business model to become a cross border content distribution and production company. In partnership with its Indian subsidiary – Majestic Movies, the company’s activities include domestic and international films distribution, television and video content sales, production, presentation, promotion and distribution of award-winning and innovative feature films. With offices in Princeton (US) and Chennai (India), the company has a truly global presence and reach. The company is well known for its commitment to original and groundbreaking films and for nurturing relationships with talented new directors and producers.

iKapital enjoys maintaining excellent relationships with key domestic and international distributors and film festivals, not to mention international and local journalists around the world. Going into its eight year of business, the company has experienced uninterrupted growth and continues to move from strength to strength. The library of iKapital includes feature films, feature-length documentaries, animated films and short subjects. On an average the company distributes approximately 20 films per year and has started to acquire and manage existing libraries on behalf of independent producers and directors.
iKapital is active in most aspects of the film industry’s value chain – global fundraising initiatives for universally appealing content, distributing films in cinemas, on video and on television as well as participating in film productions from creating, acquiring and managing rights to feature films for all current and future forms of distribution. The company has distributed films across 52 languages in Asia, Americas, Middle East, Australia and Europe.


About Kent Speakman

Kent Speakman is a producer & entrepreneur who is experienced on both sides of the camera, for the big screen, small screen and the second screen. has called him one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry and has won the iMedia Entertainment Marketing Award for best digital campaign. He writes for trade publications, speaks at conferences and film festivals as well sharing knowledge through media interviews.
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One Response to Kent joins iKapital Film Factory Board

  1. Naptari says:

    Привет!!! Дико необыкновенная статья!!! С радостю буду читать и остальные статьи.

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